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Backstage with Michelle Branch

Broken Bracelet


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1. If Only She Knew
2. Sweet Misery
3. Washing Machine
4. I'd Rather Be In Love
5. Paper Pieces
6. Stewart's Coat
7. I'll Always Be Right There
8. Goodbye To You
9. Second Chances
10. Leap Of Faith
11. Sweet Misery (acoustic version)

(Broken Bracelet-Independent-2000)

The Spirit Room


1. Everywhere
2. You Get Me
3. All You Wanted
4. You Set Me Free
5. Something To Sleep To
6. Here With Me
7. Sweet Misery
8. If Only She Knew
9. I'd Rather Be In Love
10. Goodbye To You
11. Drop In The Ocean

(The Spirit Room-Maverick-2001)


Info on purchasing c.d.'s

The Spirit Room- The single "Everywhere" was released on June 12, 2001 and the c.d. will be out August 14, 2001

Broken Bracelet- You can still buy Michelle's independent record off of This c.d. is awesome and has great lyrics! If you don't have it yet GET IT! Click on the link below to order the c.d.
*This CD is ONLY available online from and quantities are limited*