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Backstage with Michelle Branch
Touching Lyrics

touching lyrics from Broken Bracelet and The Spirit Room


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"I know she loves you and I can't interfere,
so I'll just have to sit back and watch my world disappear"-If Only She Knew

"And in my heart I see,
What you're doing to me,
And in my heart I see,
Just how you wanted it to be,
Sweet Misery" -Sweet Misery

"Turn out the lights now,
to see is to believe" -I'd Rather Be In Love

"Just give me many chances,
I'll see you through it all,
just give me time to learn to crawl" -Stewart's Coat

"I'm not just gonna stand around,
Waiting for my lips to be read" -Washing Machine

"And when you look,
it's gone,
it's too late to turn around,
and it's another day facing yourself and the things that you've done" -Second Chances

"I've heard that you can't fight love so I won't complain,
cause why would I stop the fire that keeps me going on" -I'd Rather Be In Love

"I'd give up everything only for you,
it's the least that I could do" -I'd Rather Be In Love

"I try to help you out through the hardest of times,
your heart is in your throat,
and I'm speaking my mind,
though it looks as if it's over,
I'm still not over you" -If Only She Knew

"Why are we afraid to be in love,
to be loved,
I can't explain it,
I know it's tough,
to be loved" -I'd Rather Be In Love

"I don't know whose side I'm takin',
but I'm not takin' things to well" -If Only She Knew

"'Cause you're everywhere to me
And when I close my eyes it's you I see" -Everywhere

"I'll be there through the good times,
and the bad,
and we'll be there for each other,
cause you're the best friend I've ever had" -I'll Always Be Right There

"Of all the things I've believed in,
I just want to get it over with,
tears form behind my eyes,
but I do not cry,
counting the days that pass me by" -Goodbye To You

"Goodbye to you,
goodbye to everything I thought I knew,
You were the one I loved,
the one thing that I tried to hold on to" -Goodbye To You

"Sometimes we get second chances,
sometimes we never make it past the first" -Second Chances

"And I'll be waiting by the window for your smile to come through,
and I'll be waiting in the darkness when I call out to you,
and I'll remember when you told me,
I could trust in you" -Leap Of Faith

"Turn it inside out so I can see
The part of you that's drifting over me" -Everywhere

Backstage with Michelle Branch